Sign Frames

Prestige Sign Frame

The Prestige Sign Frame is the flagship of our framing lineup and a great selection for larger frames with visual aesthetics. The horizontal members are  a uniquie "T" rail design that add elegant detail to your sign's border. These Frames add curb appeal, maintenance free benefits and, most of all, they add "Prestige" to your graphic design. Here are some other features of the   Prestige Sign Frame. 





Hallmark Sign Frame

As the newest addition to our frame family, the Hallmark provides a quick and easy option to install sign boards up to 4' x 8'.  This cost effective frame assembles in just minutes and adds bold definition to you message. Draw more attention to your sign and get the most from your investment. Our sign frames are a great way to finish your installation with aestetics and beauty. Here are a few more features the Hallmark offers.






Post Cap Styles




New England




Post caps are an excellent way of topping off that finished detail that will distinguish your sign. Choose from any number of beautiful caps made from the same high quality PVC compound as our frame kits.

Single Arm Signs

The Single Arm Pro is a traditional design that gives you the ability to easily change your sign and your location. These are ideal for real estate, directional, or small business signs. The Pro includes upgrades such as the Post Stake for easy installation, decorative Gothic Cap and, two Rider Clips for optimal utility, and all the necessary installation hardware. Single Arm Pros can be removed and reinstalled just as easy.
Here are some other features you get with our Single Arm Pro.





Classic Sign Frame

Classic Vinyl Sign Frames are designed to give you the most out of your smaller signs. Classic Frames are best suited for signs ranging from 18" x 24" up to 24" x 36" . Like all of our frames, each kit includes all the instructions and hardware you need to complete the assembly. Each sign requires less than one inch insertion at the top and bottom and allows complete exposure at the sides, giving you more surface area for your layout.  With versatile sizes and decorative cap options, your design will stand alone.  Rusting, rotting, splitting and warping frames are no longer an issue. You'll be amazed at how quick and easy these frames assemble and install. Here are some of Classic Sign Frame features.